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CytoTex a new era in regenerative medicine       Cyto-wound the latest protocol to heal the complicated wound       CytoFix Protocol for Sport injuries       CytoDerm the hope for beauty       CytoGraft The Non Surgical Technique for Grafting       
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Welcome to DCare and Meba - UK

DCare and Meba - UK is a regenerative medicine company focused on the commercialization of unique, proprietary wound care products for therapeutic use. 4 different therapeutic protocols and techniques managed for different kinds of Tissues  . Cyto-Wound™ Technique and protocol is the latest Technique in wound healing using the latest protocols for tissues regeneration  , that why most of our products are meeting more than the professionals needs and expect .

The Ozonated Plateletes and Monochrom light activation of adult stem cell is the latest synergetic technique for Isolation and activation of PRP and Stem cell for theraputic applications .

The company is using the latest  regenerative techniques to create a portfolio of therapeutic tissues repair to treat severe burns, non-healing ulcers, and other complex skin defects , sport injuries and autologus grafting

The Company’s lead therapeutic protocol , regenerative bio technique , is a superior second-generation technique that has the potential to become the standard of care for burn patients with severe burns. The Company’s groundbreaking CytoTex healing system are genetically enhanced to produce elevated levels of natural, human Tissues healing factors that fight infection, improve blood flow and increase the rate of healing. No other protocol commercialized or in clinical development, have this bioactive capability – positioning DCare and Meba as the industry leader with the potential to create a paradigm shift in cutaneous Tissue healing.

The emerging field of regenerative medicine is widely recognized as one of the most exciting areas of therapeutic advancement of our generation. The field’s long term potential is staggering, driven by advances in stem cell technology and the ability to create replacement tissues and organs. DCare and Meba  is at the forefront of this technology sector with practical, near-term solutions already advancing through clinical development.

In Collaboration with EVOZONE – Germany and Rmedica – Korea we could provide to our customer the latest therapeutic technique { Ozonated Platelets growth factors and activated adult stem cell  } through one simple isolation and activation procedure  not only that but EVOZONE provide the latest OZONE therapy Generator for Topical and system application .

With the above CytoTex advanced protocol DCare and Meba , provide the top regenerative therapeutic Technique for several applications :

  • Wound Healing  application { Cyto-Wound protocol }
  • Bone Trauma and sport Injuries { Cyto-Fix protocol }
  • Dermatological disorders { Cyto-Derm protocol }
  • Autologus auto grafting  { Cyto-graft Protocol }

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